For The Sake of Satisfaction 'Love', Hugh Hefner

Everything that is consumed in excess often brings a negative impact for those who consume, especially if consumed is a kind of medicine. As in the case of Hugh Hefner on this one. Too many turns taking Viagra can damage the body.

hugh hefner, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Playboy boss is rumored to suffer from deafness after taking the drug Viagra amplifier is too much. The inhabitants of the Playboy Mansion, twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon, who is rumored to return to live with the 85-year-old man, revealed that Hugh did not care about the decline in his hearing power. What happened instead, Playboy boss continues to take Viagra to be able to continue to 'make love' with her ​​Playboy bunny.

Karissa himself told the daily in the UK, The Sun, regarding Hugh would disregard the decline hearing. "He (Hugh) said that he preferred to 'make love' rather than have excellent hearing. It uses the hearing aid now, and probably only hear from one side of his ears. You had to lean toward him and spoke right into her ear so that he can understand you. we could have sat next to him and he still did not understand any of what we are talking about. "Well, Hugh, immediately take decisive choice! Hearing or the satisfaction of 'making love' with the help of Viagra.