David Beckham, Victims of Phone Tapping

With the news that the more widely about himself, his wife and family, David Beckham reportedly suspected that she was a victim of phone tapping the News of the World is emerging. In fact, the footballer is already preparing a lawsuit.

Former Manchester United star was recently in the spotlight in the world of celebrity and sport, not only because of his achievements, but also because of personal life and scandalous. With some personal news that aired on some media, David was suspicious of his personal phone was tapped.

In fact, if his team can prove that he is one of the 4000 victims of this crime, the man who had just blessed with a baby four plans immediately filed suit. An informed source said that according to Beckham, between 40 to 50 stories that developed in various media during 2002-2007 is the result of his personal telephone tapping carried out by irresponsible elements. David also believes there are several media that tried to steal the medical records of Victoria Beckham, the wife, when it contains her first son, Brooklyn.

"David believes he is one of the biggest target, are also victims of this crime. He was also confident their privacy is violated seriously for nearly a decade," said a source close to Beckham, as reported by Splashnews.com.

When asked what 'secret' is revealed and makes the star suspect, the source replied, "Not just the big things, like his affair with Rebecca Loos, but also a few little things like the gift he bought for Victoria, the home they want to buy, also the car (which they bought). It may sound trivial, but this incident is a serious security problem, because the privacy of their children is also linked. "

"There is so much news about Beckham and his family over the past decade, and still can not be sorted, which is the result of phone tapping and not," he continued. Unfortunately, until the news was revealed, Beckham's spokesman simply said, "This problem is not going to talk about."