A Hong Kong Policewoman Posted Wild Photos on Her Personal Blog

Hong Kong police chief asked for 28 thousand members of the police in the city to enforce the discipline after a series of photos appeared on the Internet that shows some of policewoman posing rude. The photographs show some of policewoman was not wearing a uniform properly, while several other police members to each other at gunpoint.

HongKong Policewoman

This photo was allegedly made when members of the police was educated in 2007. A member who police say pointed a gun is not loaded. These photos taken from the blog predicted a policewoman. Not only that, there are also rumored to other photos that show some of policewoman wearing only underwear.

Previously appeared on the internet photographs that showed two police officers in various poses while carrying out patrols by bicycle. In a separate case, the family of a policeman pointing a gun toward the policeman. This photo also published in Hong Kong newspapers.

Police have reportedly blog shall perform their tasks while the Hong Kong police conduct an internal investigation. Andy Tsang is Hong Kong's police commissioner was quoted as saying the police should not perform actions that defame the police, either while on duty or not.