Hugh Hefner Plus Playmates VS Crystal Harris

'War' between two people who've almost got married, Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, it seems increasingly heated. However, it seems this time the boss of Playboy, Hefner was in a stronger position, because it supports some of the Playmate.


Previously, Crystal never gave a statement that he had a miserable sex life with ex-fiance had left five days before the wedding. Some Crystal statement was quite sensitive, call Hefner never naked when having sex, and even their sex only lasted two seconds.

Both had been 'Hefner's girls', some were inclined to defend Hefner's Playmate in this regard. "I'm with the girls having fun in there (Playboy Mansion)," said Hiromi Oshima, Miss June 2004 in People.

Dani Mathers, who worked at Playboy TV, also said, "Hef is a merciful God. I think they had sex more than once and did not last two seconds. Hef had a good sex life."

If Shanna McLaughlin, Miss July 2010, it tends to give a neutral opinion, without blaming them. "I think all the things going on at Crystal pathetic. Hef also is an amazing man. He provides everything needed by those who lived nearby, also for all the Playmate. Should some things must be kept closed and only known two people, especially in case of separation, "he concluded.