Sex and Parasite

Sex and Parasite Parasites and sex are two very different but based on research results that the parasite may be responsible for why humans have sex behavior.
In a report handed down PhysOrg, biologists have succeeded in confirming a hypothesis called the Red Queen hypothesis. This is the idea of human beings that humans reproduce through sex and had to fight against parasites because of the potential harm humans.
This hypothesis is a name from the words of Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass: If this is going to take what you do and keep in the same place. This indeed seems to show an evolution that does not make sense about sex.
However, the invention will be explained about the sexual reproduction makes a species into two sexes and the only one who can produce offspring.
From an evolutionary perspective this looks a process that must work harder than a species. It is easier for the parasite to produce offspring when female sexes produce their own eggs which then develop into an embryo, no need sperm.
Species called Caenorhabditis which then prompted an evolution then make a man looking for a partner to be able to produce. If not so then only one species that is woman and of course this is very boring.