Sex with Hugh Hefner Just 2 Seconds

Although he is a boss of Playboy and she is one of the Playmate, do not imagine the relationship of love Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris met a hot sex. In fact, a woman who was not married sex Hefner admits he does with his fiancee took place in a 'moment'!

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris

The 25-year-old model broke off the engagement with Hefner about 5 days before the wedding procession was held. Crystal admitted that during their courtship and engagement, he only once had sex with Hefner.

When present in an interview with Sirius XM Radio, Crystal and even states that sexual intercourse did take place just two seconds! "(After 2 seconds), I finally ended it. I finally 'Aahh' is over. I never aroused by Hef, sorry," said Crystal.

In the same interview, Crystal also opened one of the secrets of her ex-fiance who is 85 years old. "He never really took off all her clothes. I never saw Hef naked," he continued.

Since the split from Hef, Crystal reportedly associated with male peers, the son of Dr. Phil, Jordan McGraw. Both were often seen together, including during a visit to one of the bars in New York some time ago.