Unfold the Mystery of the Hotel Maid Who Claimed to be Raped by the IMF Boss

During this time, the identity of the hotel maid who accused former boss of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, sexual assault is always protected. But do not start yesterday. Women from Guinea named Nafissatou Diallo was known, and openly spoke for the first time since the assault charge was sticking. However, he only revealed his story exclusively to Newsweek and ABC.

Nafissatou Diallo

Diallo shared her story with Christopher Dickey and John Solomon for the latest edition of Newsweek magazine, published Monday.

"She is not glamorous," they wrote, open writing about her 32-year profile. "The light-brown skin was pitted with what look like faint acne scars, and a stiff black hair."
Diallo also can not read or write in any language. He is also known to have few close friends.

The two media, Diallo and outspoken. "He pulled hard on the bed," he recalls. "I pushed him. I woke up. I want to scare."

Diallo also spoke with ABC's Brian Roberts in an interview aired on "Good Morning America" and will continue to be lauched in the record which are guided Diane Sawyer and also in the program "Nightline."

"I want justice. I want him in jail," he said. "I want him to know that there are some places you can not use your money, you can not use your power when you do something like this."