6 Excitement of the Miss Universe Event

Miss Universe Organization seems synonymous with controversy. It is still warm is the circulation of photographs Catalina Robayo commotion, Miss Universe finalists from Colombia, who was not wearing panties.
Actually, not just this time Miss Universe filled with controversy. From the beginning event in 1952, beauty contest is loaded with a variety of exciting cases. The following six tumultuous events of the Miss Universe, as reported by tressugar.com.
  1. Miss Givings
    Scandal - Armi Kuusela Miss Universe pageant was first held in Long Beach in 1952. The winner, Armi Kuusela from Finland, put the crown before the implementation of the Miss Universe next year begins. That's because he prefers to get married while the title of this - one thing is forbidden for a Miss Universe.
  2. Underage
    Scandal - Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957 Gladys Zender become Miss Universe youngest at the age of 17 years. He was one month younger than the minimum age of contestants is 18 years. This is allowed because in their home country, Peru, they used to round off the age of six months from the last birthday.
  3. Remove the titles for education
    Scandal - Oxana Fedorova Oxana Fedorova is a Russian contestant from the first bearing the Miss Universe in 2002. But it lasted only briefly as he handed over his crown for the sake of getting a degree in law. However, the management of Miss Universe because it denies the cause. They said Fedorova could not perform her duties as Miss Universe as well.
  4. Secrets revealed mother-in-law
    Scandal - Mary Leona Gage In 1957, Miss USA Mary Leona Gage lost the opportunity to become Miss Universe. That's because the mother-in-law revealed that she has been married twice and had children. Also, including the age was already 21 years old, not 18 years like he claimed. Facts are demolished the day after he won the contest. Her title as queen of universe was immediately revoked.
  5. Trump Card
    Miss USA - Tara Conner Like the 'wild card', the Miss Universe contest there is also 'Trump Card'. With the approval of Donald Trump, the U.S. billionaire owner of this contest, a prospective contestants can still enter the contest, although it has its drawbacks. This card was played for the Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner. He is known to have used cocaine and drank alcohol while underage but still could be a contestant. Although ultimately unsuccessful won the title of Miss Universe.
  6. Without Panties
    Scandal - Catalina Robayo This is the latest controversy on this year's Miss Universe organization. Contestants from Colombia, Catalina Robayo, caught on camera not wearing panties when she wore an orange mini dress. Because of this, Robayo given a stern warning.

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