Demanding Sex to A Steward on the Plane

Dranks and Demanding Sex - Katherine Goldberg A woman named Katherine Goldberg and 25-year-old was forced to deal with police after the drunk forced sex and even a flight attendant sex flight attendant holding concerned.

Reported by the Daily Telegraph, Friday (16/09/2011), Goldberg was on a flight from South Africa to London, UK, using airline Virginia Airways when the incident occurred.

Goldberg who worked in the field of alcohol education in the form of whiskey in the scale of 50 inches liters. But circumstances changed when he began behaving strangely and forcing stewards to make love to.

"He began to perform acts of sexual violence from one of the crew cabin by having sex and even began to squeeze the penis and the area around the genitals of the victim," the investigator said, Stella Waata.