Mila Kunis Cell Phone Hijacked

Cell Phone Hijacked - Mila Kunis One more celebrities become victims of piracy a cell phone. Only a few hours after Scarlett Johansson nude photos in circulation, which seems to act the same actors, Mila Kunis is reported as the next victim.

However, unlike the previous victims, including Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba and Demi Lovato, Mila did not had to bear the shame for nude photo spread. The strange, even vulgar pictures of other celebrities who come from mobile Mila, who was none other than his co-star in FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT, Justin Timberlake!

On Wednesday (14 / 9), celebrity blogger Perez Hilton said that he had just received an email from a stranger who offers a number of photographs. "In a photograph, a picture of him (Justin Timberlake) who wear pink underwear on his head Mila. In the second photo, Justin posing on the bed. On the other photo, Justin sends photos of his penis, thankfully without her," wrote the poster on Hilton.

This adds to the long list of celebrity nude photo spread, because there is a new photo, the photo Mila was soaking in the bathtub, which fortunately only show part of his head. The hackers also added that he has some SMS between Justin and Mila.

It seems, scandal is just about the two targets at once, Mila and Justin. The reason, they have long rumored to close, since the main opponent in the film FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT.