A teacher with Profession as A Hardcore Porn Star

Teacher and Hardcore Porn Star - Benedict Garrett A teacher of a sexy man, Benedict Garrett, worked as a hardcore porn star as a side job.

Due to mask the uncovered, he later dismissed as a teacher at Beal High School, Ilford, Essex, England. He starred in several films, among others, the European Honeyz 4. His double life exposed as some of her students knew she was working as a stripper named Johnny Anglais and often appeared online at a site.

When questioned about his job, the guy with the 185-centimeter height alone is no answer. "Something that I personally do not have anything to do with what I teach to the kids," said Garrett, who served as head of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education.

"There are many worse ways to make money. Lawyers defending pedophiles, the bankers to raise interest rates, and big companies are always detrimental to the environment," said Garrett who claimed not ashamed of what he was doing.