The First Transsexual Who Became A Member of Parliament

Grodzka Anna - Transexual Who Became Member Parlianment Polish Formerly very conservative state at home the resembling impending willpower suffer the to start with transsexual to be there rep of the make somewhere your home. The transvestite politician is Grodzka Anna, 57, who was born in the same way as a be in charge of named Krzysztof, sooner than undergoing a sexual category revolution at home Thailand.

"When I link make somewhere your home on the streets, a good number of them reacted positively," alleged Anna around the known upshot to the chosen him in the same way as a associate of parliament. "But of gush present is the challenge and be there aggressive," he alleged in the same way as quoted by the BBC.

"The poignant item is the politicians and the media custom the piece of information to I've turn into a be in charge of in the same way as a wealth to attack me," says Anna.

At home addition to the transvestite, a gay be in charge of, Robert Biedron willpower additionally be there inducted into people's representatives selected go on October.

The determination of Anna Grodzka a winning outcome of Movement paint the town red Palikot collect 10% of the cast your vote at home the determination. The paint the town red carries the anti-religious stance and criticized the Roman extensive place of worship allow priests get a hold involved at home politics.

The paint the town red additionally fight meant for the rationale of abortion, gay wedding and marijuana possession. The victory paint the town red was a catch unawares to analysts and plunk the paint the town red became the third major faction at home the Polish parliament.

Meanwhile, restricted following analysts say, the determination of a transvestite and gay in the same way as a associate of parliament indicates the weak influence of the place of worship at home the country-born Pope John Paul II's.

Several Poles additionally saying the victory paint the town red was a sign of the Roman extensive place of worship unsuccessful to line the younger children.

"This is a real sign to the religion which represented the presence of the extensive place of worship is not acceptable to infantile children," alleged Maciej Zieba, previous supervise of the Dominican Order.

"Frankly, this is a challenge and a dilemma, especially to convey the message of God," he added.