Labiaplasty: Modification of Vagina

labiaplasty Nowadays, more and more women who want to get the perfect vagina. As a result, "designer" vagina continue to demand. Media ZeeNews announce on Wednesday (25/7), a process now known labiaplasty. The process is a plastic surgery procedure to change the labia minora and labia majora, the repair of soft tissue structures attached to the vulva vagina.

Fraction of women have abnormal labia. The tendency to treat the more extreme genitalia would leave more open labia. That is the main reason women do labiaplasty.

According to reports, last year more than 2,000 women in England do labiaplasty. In the last five years there has been increased fivefold. The amount is rumored to be increased because the cost of labiaplasty are now quite affordable, only three thousand pounds, or about USD 44 million.

However, the researchers were concerned about the long-term effects for the perpetrators of labiaplasty, particularly psychological effects. They are also concerned that women who have labiaplasty do not receive sufficient psychological support before opting for surgery.

British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons called on to listen to the advice of psychology shall be for a woman before cosmetic surgery. Psychological examinations routinely performed in less than 35 percent of the clinic.