Underboob Selfie

Thailand’s Ministry of Culture reminded women that underboob selfies — the latest trend where women take photos of themselves with the lower half of their breasts exposed — are banned and posting them online would warrant jail time.

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It’s illegal under the country’s Computer Crimes Act of 2007, which bans any material that could “cause damage to the country’s security or causes public panic” and “any obscene computer data which is accessible to the public.”

A woman caught posting an underboob selfie could jailed for fives years and fined up to 100,000 baht — roughly $3,035.

The problem is they don’t know how to catch the perpetrators.

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“When people take these ‘underboob selfies’ no one can see their faces,” Anandha Chouchoti, ministry spokesman, told Reuters.

“So it’s like, we don’t know who these belong to, and it encourages others to do the same.”

“We can only warn people to not take it up. They are inappropriate actions.”

By Kaitlan Collins - Source: Daily Caller