Rita Ora, Shunned Underwear for the VMAs

Rita has revealed that she decided to go commando for the star studded event.

She was wearing a particularly risqué dress for the occasion, and unsurprisingly Rita Ora has revealed that she did not wear knickers to the MTV VMAs.

The Radioactive singer - who wore a Donna Karan red silk dress - revealed that she didn’t wear underwear, but was very careful about how she moved during the event.

When asked by Capital FM DJ whether she wore undies, she said: "Oh no, I didn't actually! I just literally knew my angles and I made sure that I did not move!"

She also revealed the painstaking dedication it took to achieve her raunch VMAs look, even stating she had to be sewn into the dress.

"It took a lot of altering because it was made out of pure silk so it had to literally be sewed on to my body. I just wanted something really simple that looked like a slip, that almost reminded you of lingerie but still a dress, and it was a customised Donna Karan piece.”