Giant Whirlpool - The Tsunami Hit Japan on March 11, 2011

japan tsunami 2011
A giant whirlpool formed in the waters east of Japan after the tsunami. This giant whirlpool seen has tossed ship therein.

Here, an explanation the formation mechanism of the turbulence or whirlpool.

The wall of water turned into a vortex tsunami
Wall tsunami when the flow will follow the pattern of rupture or the pattern of the terpatahan oatahan. Cracks or fractures caused protruding above the water, and create a wall of water the tsunami. According to visual estimates of the height of the wall of this water reaches 30 meters. And until more than 10 feet when it reached the mainland, to sweep everything that passed. Including houses, buildings, vehicles, and of course the man who could not evacuate.

When we reach the beach there is a change form from this water wall because the basic morphology of the water and shoreline morphology. When approaching the beach undisturbed water velocity will continue moving, but the disturbed shoreline will turn. Bends is what ultimately led to the formation of vortex.

Note the shape and the pattern of Japan's eastern coast line of the winding. Of course the formation of this vortex will very likely happen.
japan tsunami 2011