The Tsunami Hit Japan - Miraculously!!! Found A Baby is Stil Alive

Sendai - The SAR team assisted the Japanese army and police continue to search for victims and conduct evacuation in the disaster area due to the earthquake and tsunami. They have found hundreds or even thousands of corpses under the rubble. However, there was a miracle. There is a four-month-old baby, survived among the debris in the city of Sendai, Japan.

japan tsunami 2011

Dailymail proclaim, Tuesday (15/3), several soldiers were surprised by the sound of crying babies in the rubble. Despite the wet and cold conditions, the four-month-old baby girl was wrapped in pink blankets. The baby was found in a safe condition.

Infants of women who have not given it a name allegedly drifted when both parents will be displaced. The discovery of this baby gives new hope for the SAR team. There is a possibility there are still some surviving Japanese citizens were among the debris of shattered buildings.