Myanmar Earthquake - Earthquake hits Golden Triangle

Along the road in the town of Tachilek in Myanmar's northeastern region, yesterday, visible cracks after the previous night rocked by an earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale. The quake has killed at least 75 people in Myanmar and Thailand. The victim is expected to continue to grow.

YANGON-When Japan had not yet recovered from the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked them on Friday (11 / 3), an earthquake occurred again. This time in Myanmar. Vibration earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale (SR) that shook Myanmar on Thursday (24 / 3) night was also felt to Bangkok, Thailand, which is about 800 km from the epicenter, Hanoi, and parts of China.

Residents throughout the area panicked and fled from their homes. While the buildings swayed and hospitals and schools were evacuated. The quake centered at 90 km north of Chiang Raid and 235 km north-northeast of Chiang Mai, Thailand, it has caused 74 people dead and 111 injured in five regions in Myanmar, close to the epicenter of the quake. The quake also caused 400 buildings collapsed in the four villages and towns near the epicenter. While the nine government office in Tarlay, Myanmar, the monastery was also destroyed and 14 damaged. The death toll was expected to grow.

"We're trying to reach remote areas," said a Myanmar official told AFP. "The military, police and local officials tried to find the people who were injured in the region hardest hit by the quake, but the streets are still closed." In Thailand, local officials revealed, a woman was killed in the district of Mae Sai after a wall collapsed at his home. Until yesterday, an aftershock measuring 5.5 magnitude rocked the Thai people and causing panic.

But there were no reports of damage to the building despite residents near the epicenter were advised to evacuate. According to Reuters, the earthquake shook the region originally "Golden Triangle" where Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos bertemu.Guncangannya feels hard in the capital city of Thailand and Myanmar to Vietnam where the people who live in tall buildings were evacuated.

The quake's epicenter was 10 km below ground level, but only caused minor damage in Thailand.Kota Tachilek in Myanmar suffered heavy damage from the quake. People ran from their houses and streets look developing cracks. Red Cross explained, a hospital in Tachilek broken and trained local volunteers have been mobilized to provide first aid.

DiYangon, Chris Herink, Director of the Foundation, World Vision in Myanmar, estimates that there are no major infrastructure damage in the area of ​​Tachilek and Kengtung although cracked buildings and water supply in some areas terganggu.Dia explained, the team found that Tarlay and Mong Lin is the worst area exposed to earthquake shocks. "Real concern is rural areas.

I'm afraid will be a lot of information that is not fun to come from there, "he told AFP. World Vision is helping care for approximately 7,000 children are sponsored by foreign donors in the region hit by the quake. According Herink, Myanmar's government seems to try to give information to citizens about the quake with the update number of casualties and damage. BBC report, Myanmar is considered as a country that is not prepared for disasters.

Communication systems and poor infrastructure, while the military government tends to restrict the flow of information. Ben Phillips from Save the Children in Bangkok said that his organization was combing the area that earthquake shook the region near the border of Thailand and trying to assess the situation in Myanmar. "It's more difficult because of the quake shook the area that is very remote.

Isolation that may limit the impact of the earthquake, also making efforts to get information on the impact of the earthquake was more difficult. Maybe it will take several days, "he explained to AFP. The quake occurred two weeks after Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 8.9 magnitude and tsunami that left an estimated 27,000 people dead or missing and sparked a crisis in Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) Fukushima. Myanmar and Japan are located on different tectonic plates, separated by a vast Eurasian plate.