The Longest Tunnel and Deepest in The World

Two kilometers far below the Alps, workers raced through the train's longest and deepest tunnel in the world.

The hallway is extreme, when historians of Wales, Adam of Usk, buffalo cart ride across the gap that wild and remote Gotthard in Switzerland on his way to Rome in 1402, he was so frightened as to ask for a guide to close her eyes with a cloth so that he does not need to see the road. He's not the only people who pass through the Alps that mengangankan no other way. For thousands of years, the mountain was a major obstacle for travel and trade in Europe. To cross it, people have to travel long that usually dangerous, or at least a severe incline.

However, soon it changed. Over the past nine years, troops tunnel makers toiling away at the core of the hard granite mountain named Mount Gotthard giant, to build the longest railway tunnel and the deepest in the world.

Last October the miners who dug the tunnel to the north of the state of Italian-speaking Ticino met with their counterparts who dug into the south of the German-speaking Sedrun, end stage of tunnel excavation single-aisle aisle these two historic moments televised live Swiss TV and broadcast throughout Europe. Final breakthrough in the hallway only expected to occur in April.

With a length of 57 kilometers, the Gotthard Base Tunnel Channel Tunnel easily beat the 50 kilometers between the English and French and current record holder, 54 kilometers along the Seikan Tunnel in Japan. The tunnel is also unique in the field of engineering. While the two closest competitors stretched beneath relatively shallow waters, through the Gotthard Tunnel complex bedrock in a giant mountain that many times. There has never been made so far tunnel into the mountain, or effect a change so great

When launched later in 2017, the tunnel will make Switzerland, in terms of riding the fire, as flat as Holland.