5 Cities are Inhabited by many Millionaires

Global business movement gave birth to a number of entrepreneurs with abundant wealth accumulation. Through a variety of industry sectors they contribute to prosperity of the town they settled.

Here are 5 cities that have assets of billionaire ever, according to Forbes Magazine:

1. New York
Number of billionaires: 60 people.
Richest billionaire Michael Bloomberg ($ 18 billion)
Another billionaire: Ralph Lauren, Carl Icahn, Rupert Murdoch, Donald Trump, Mortimer Zuckerman

This city was wallowing in the figure of billionaires engaged in various business sectors. Along those conditions, the city is also predicated as a city cost of living supermahal. Just imagine, the cost of subscriptions haircut celebrity Sally Hershberger alone reached $ 800, or a fancy restaurant dinner is around $ 550.

2. Moscow, Russia
Number of billionaires: 50 people.
Richest billionaire: Vladimir Lysine ($ 15.8 billion)
Another billionaire: Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov, Oleg Deripaska

The number of millionaire increased rapidly when compared to in 2002 just five billionaire. The wealth of the majority bilioner awakened thanks to the game business in oil and metals sectors. When compared with other cities inhabited by many billionaire, Moscow city with relatively low cost of living.

3. London, England
Number of billionaires: 32 people.
Richest billionaire: Lakshmi Mittal ($ 28.7 billion)
Another billionaire Richard Branson, Leonard Blavatnik, Alan Howard

The number of millionaire in the city also continues to increase thanks to support a strong sterling exchange rate and stable. The condition also makes this city known to have cost of living compared to other European countries supertinggi.

4. Istanbul, Turkey
Number of billionaires: 28 people
Richest billionaire: Husnu Ozyegin ($ 3 billion)
Another billionaire: Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, Sarik Tara, Ferrite Sahenk

Beauty of this city are the main attraction of foreign tourists, as well as the billionaire business fields. However, not all move in the tourism sector. Many people there superrich who studied business in mobile phone technology sector and banking. With higher living standards, a domestic servant in this city can get a service fee $ 50 per day.

5. Los Angeles, California
Number of billionaires: 27 people
Richest billionaire: Eli Broad ($ 5.7 billion)
Another billionaire: Steven Spielberg, Sumner Redstone, Michael Milken, Ron Burkle

Seeing this sparkling city, is actually not surprising that accommodate a number of billionaire. Many of the superrich entrepreneurs that took advantage of the entertainment industry such as Hollywood cinema. Automotive business and tourism also plays an important role.