RoboCue, Robot Seeker of Japan Earthquake Victims

japan tsunami 2011

Japan has a robot that can be used to help rescue victims of disasters.

Rescue robot named RoboCue it belongs to the Tokyo Fire Department and designed to take the victims of the disaster, especially catastrophic bomb.

RoboCue using ultrasonic sensors and infrared cameras to search for trapped people. Then carefully, he would appoint people and took him to safety. RoboCue even equipped with oxygen cylinders.

Making this kind of robot, for scientists, as mentioned by Popsci, very important. Predicting disasters, especially earthquakes, are still difficult to do by seismologists. Therefore, efforts to minimize the number of victims is to develop rescue strategies and victim search.

Uniquely, the location of a place prone to earthquakes is a very advanced robot technology, Japan and California, USA. Japan is located in the circle of fire, near the Pacific Plate and the Eurasian Plate is highly prone to earthquakes. With technology owned by Japan, this situation can be a developer of technology to solve the problem of the earthquake.