The Tsunami Hit Japan - Around 1900 People are Confirmed Dead

Sendai - Nearly 1,900 are confirmed dead following a powerful earthquake and tsunami that attacked the provinces in the eastern Sea of ​​Japan on Friday (11/3). While the existence of at least 15,000 people is still unknown.

NHK World news Web site reported the death toll reached 1898 people, on Monday (14/03/2011) night.

Police in Miyagi province said the number of bodies found on several beaches on Oshika Peninsula in the eastern part of Miyagi feared exceeding 1,000 people. From the results of aerial surveys conducted by helicopter, was found about 100 bodies in some of the beaches there.

Meanwhile, a provincial official said, about 1,000 bodies found in the coastal town of Minami-sanriku. In the city that almost all buildings and homes were swept by the tsunami. Local officials are still not able to contact more than 10,000 people or more than half the population of the city.

Miyagi was the province worst affected by the earthquake and tsunami. A total of 785 deaths have been confirmed in the cities of Higashi-Matsushima, Kesennuma and Sendai.

In the district Arahama, Sendai city, 200 to 300 bodies have been found in a coastal area.

Local police said the number of the final death toll from the earthquake and tsunami is likely to exceed 10,000 persons in Miyagi province alone.

In the neighboring province, Iwate, 627 people are confirmed dead. In the city-Takata Rikuzen totally destroyed by the tsunami, the SDF personnel martial Japanese troops are still searching for survivors while firefighters collect the bodies.

In the province of Fukushima, the authorities ensure the 420 people killed and more than 1,200 people still missing.