Youtube - Gaddafi's son Weapon Performance Through Video

Saif al-Islam figure who is also the second son of Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi, has been a revered figure of the West because it always acts to help or as a bridge for his country. But this time, he has deleted all these figures with weapons by showing off the video. Of course it makes the West furious. The man who is now 39-year-old accidentally been recorded in a video while carrying a weapon while berucapa to his fighters, "You all will get support and weaponry. Everything will be fine. "

The clip reportedly made ​​earlier this month. Saif appeared wearing a dark bomber jacket and speaking to an enthusiastic group of men. He stands on a truck and urged the audience to fight till the death.

At the beginning of the Libyan people began to rebel, Saif appeared in a television broadcast and threaten people who want to overthrow his father that there will be bloodshed. He even warned the international community so as not to interfere.

Support Saif for his father, also seen in an interview with foreign journalists last weekend. He tried to make the atmosphere light by making jokes funny. "Everything is quiet. If you hear the sound of fireworks, do not deem it a shot, "said Saif.