Oh My God!!! User Account GMail Attacked Chinese Spies

Attacks on the Gmail account that was allegedly coming from Chinese spies, forcing Google to take action. Internet giant has issued a threat that it plans to pull out of the Bamboo Curtain country for good. Yes, Google is threatening to flee from China, after realizing the burglary of Gmail accounts. Google said Chinese spies had attacked them and 20 other companies.

According to the investigation of Google, the attack was intended to track the movement of human rights activist throughout the world to use e-mail service Google. Dozens of activists Gmail accounts based in Europe, China and America have routinely accessible to third parties by means of malware that is injected in the computer. Beaver will this attack, Google issued a statement that they would no longer perform their filtering on the search engine in China. Google, since established in China in 2006, was forced to submit to Chinese rule that they should filter the content, such as that involving pornography and sensitive issue. Furthermore, through the official Google blog on Wednesday (13/1/2010), they say, if you can not find a middle way between Google and China, then Google will soon leave. "We have decided to no longer censor Google.cn, and we will discuss with the Chinese government about how we can operate a search engine without the filter but in line with the law. We are aware, this will lead to closure Google.cn and potentially also on the closure of our offices in China. "

Google itself realizes their decision is very heavy. They explained that this step is driven by the executives in the United States, without them knowing that the workers in China have been working very hard to make a success Google.cn. So far, Google is still the potential to survive in the country, despite the pressure of government censorship continues launched. Meksipun so, they have not been able to become No. 1 in China and still less with the host player, Baidu.com.