Youtube - Boy Autism Develop Advanced Mathematical Concepts

MailOnline - 12-year-old boy with autism are surprisingly developed his own concept of advanced mathematics.

Jacob Barnett who suffer from autism and has an IQ of 170 - IQ higher than Albert Einstein - learn calculus, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry in a self-taught in a week. Now this becomes a tutor for a college friends at Indiana University.

Jake, a call for Jacob, now start the ambitious project that is developing its own version of relativity theory. His mother sent a video on this theory to the Institute for Advanced Study near Princeton University. Professor Scott Tremaine of Indiana Star has confirmed the authenticity of the theory of Jake. "I terpukai with an interest in the field of physics and the many things he's learned so far," Tremaine wrote in an e-mail to Jake's family was quoted as saying by the MailOnline.

According to Tremaine, a theory that is being created by Jake contain some of the most difficult problems in the field of astrophysics and physics. "The person who solves this problem deserves the Nobel rewarded," said Tremaine.

Jake is a person with Aspergers syndrome, a mild form of autism. His parents realized the ability of Jake when Jake started to move big. At the age of three years, he managed to arrange the puzzle of 5000 pieces. He also was able to read maps a state, to memorize the name of the highway code and vehicle number plates.

At age eight, he had graduated from high school and went to Indiana University to take classes advanced astrophysics.

The next step, Jake will be invited to join the research team.