Avril Lavigne Has New Tatto

Hollywood - Canadian singer, Avril Lavigne Saturday (12/3) yesterday spontaneously with her ​​friends come to the Shamrock Social Club Tattoo in Hollywood. Avril decided his desire to make a tattoo on his neck.

News as disclosed by Avril himself who wrote in a Twitter account (@twitter.com/avrillavigne) who said that he wanted to get a tattoo.

"Uh-oh girl girl day turn into night... Do I have to get a tattoo? Haha?" writes Avril.

Even Avril also to up-date his fans with a picture as he would in tattoos and designs that will be wearing. Unique design etched on her neck drawing pins.

Avril revealed that the reason he tattooed his body to remind the happy moments in his life. Avril For every tattoo on her body reminded her friendship. Even some of the same tattoo with her ​​friend.

"This is a moment where I have fun, I would say, Lets Get Tatttos" says Lavigne about how to capture beautiful moments with tattoos.