Caribbean Perform Simulated Earthquake and Tsunami

Popsci - Countries in the Caribbean will conduct simulated 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the American Virgin Islands, followed by a tsunami.

The simulation was done because the Caribbean is a region often hit by earthquakes. Seeing the big earthquake in Japan on Friday (11 / 3) they feel the need to perform simulations to evaluate a similar disaster warning system and personnel readiness.

Exercise called Caribe Wave 11 will take place on March 23 and involves the West Coast / Alaska Tsunami Warning Center and Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. Competency of the organization is expected to run well. This exercise is an international scale and will involve 33 countries.

Personnel in disaster (weather information center, police, coast guard, etc.) in each country will move and the alertness and ability to apply them when the disaster actually occurred. Meanwhile, residents do not need to do evacuations.