HIV - Fighting Viruses with Virus

Discovery News - Leor Weinberger biochemist from UC San Diego uses unorthodox approach to combating the spread of HIV / AIDS: the virus against viruses.

Weinberger and his colleagues in San Diego and UCLA make the ride on HIV particles. As HIV moves into someone else and be in the cell, the virus that will compete with HIV.

During simulation, the researchers found that the therapy is called "therapeutic interfering particles (TIPS)" This reduces the number of people infected with HIV-third of the twenty-conditions now.

TIPS is made from a harmless part of HIV by eliminating a key part of genetic information, such as how to duplicate themselves. In order to survive, TIPS using DNA from the original virus to replicate, which means that TIPS can not live without HIV.

TIPS particles that also contain genes that are engineered to inhibit HIV. Both viruses use the same protein and have to compete with each other to get it when in the cell. This competition makes it more difficult for HIV to multiply. TIPS can survive for a year in the body, which means they can slow the progression of HIV to AIDS 5 to 10 years.

TIPS has not been tested in humans. "We worked very carefully to take into account the risks of using TIPS. We do not yet know whether these viral particles can mix with genes evolved and again when they are used,"explained Weinberger.

HIV is spreading most drug users and sex workers. TIPS is considered the most phenomenal ways to cope with HIV infection in this community.