Nine of Wild Animals Considered "Good"

Guyism - There are few wild animals that nature revealed less-likely because of cartoons about the world of wildlife. These are nine of them.
  1. Dolphins. Marine animals which frequently hugged and kissed at the zoo is actually included one animal that "depraved" in terms of sex. Like primates, they have sex for pleasure. Not only that, they are also known to hold an orgy. Apart from that, dolphins are very intelligent. I was so smart, the Soviet army to train them to become sea.
  2. Chocolate Spider hermit. The spider is brown sage may cause a serious condition in humans when angry. Spider bites can cause infection, blood clots, and decaying flesh. All three symptoms were only a few symptoms of many horrible symptoms. These spiders live in damp and dark places. He could also walk around "looking for trouble".
  3. Elephant Shark. These sharks including a new shark species. His jaw may elongate as it moves to kill. He used muscle that acts like a tongue to attract prey.
  4. Mantese Prawns. mantese prawns or mantis shrimp has the ability to hunt. There are two types of shrimp ronggeng: awl and beater. Awl to use portion of his body like a spear to kill prey. While bats use a portion of his body like a cudgel to beat their prey to death. That said, the mace has the same velocity bullet caliber weapon 22.
  5. Horned lizard. Although smaller than the human hand, these lizards have a bad nature. When encountering predators, this lizard show his horns, trying to look more sinister. When bluff failed, he memuncratkan blood from his eyes.
  6. Hercules Beetle. Look at the claws on the front, the size can be larger than its main body. Adoptive Strength: 850 times its body weight. These animals rarely attack humans, but quite scary to see passing in front of people.
  7. Chimpanzee. For animals that often appear in circuses and zoos, chimpanzees, including small animals are dangerous. Primates are strong and aggressive. There have been many stories that reveal the chimps attacked each other to obtain or maintain regional power - and to related agencies. Is it hard to imagine that the chimpanzee is a primate that has the most similar to human DNA?
  8. Stingray. This is the animal that killed Steve Irwin, host of The Crocodile Hunter, a show about wild animals. Actually, this fish-friendly animal. But when angry, he can sting with poison and causes pain throughout the body, seizures, and bleeding.
  9. Hippopotamus. Hippo like creature that fat and lazy. In fact, the hippo is one of the hot-tempered animal. Animals that could open his mouth with a very large crocodile is often found to pursue, their natural enemies. They were also found to have attacked humans.