Ancient Coelacanth Swimmers

King of sea fish (the coelacanth) was considered to have become extinct with the dinosaurs. Fish that are found again in 1938 it is reported here in the form of a rare photo story.

Rarely are living fossils appear in the nets of fishermen. However, that's what happened in 1938, when a South African museum curator named Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer saw a strange creature with thick scales, fins odd, and an additional lobe on its tail, in between regular fish catches. Although not directly know the time, Courtenay-Latimer rediscover coelacanths, which are considered extinct in the late Cretaceous Period but somehow last longer than many fellow prasejarahnya, living deep in the sea, undisturbed and not-known-for thousands of years .

Since the emergence of this unexpected, Latimeria chalumnae found in some isolated place in the Indian Ocean. No one knows how many fish are left-can 1000 can also 10,000. Because it their habitat, these fish primarily photographed using a submersible vehicle and unmanned spacecraft. First-time divers to document this fish in 2000; in January and February 2010, a team of specially trained to dive into the deep ocean to photograph a small colony at Sodwana Bay, South Africa.