Sumatran Rabbit, The World's Rarest Rabbits

Sumatran rabbit or Nesolagus netscheri listed as the world's rarest rabbits. This animal was declared endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Previously, these animals once thought extinct until the 1990s successfully perpetuated by someone.

Rabbit is located in a very isolated place, there are only in the forests of Bukit Barisan, Sumatra. Because they are located in very isolated places, information about the behavior and habitat are very minialm. In fact, local communities do not have the local language to call it and there are not aware of its existence.

Based on a very minimal information, it is known that rabbits are active at night. In the afternoon, they spent the time to hide in the abandoned burrows of other animals. So far, no evidence that they are digging their own hole.

Sumatran rabbit looks interesting because it has a striped coat color. It is estimated, the color of fur belongs to a rabbit that can fit in and hide in the bottom of a tropical rain forest. In general, this rabbit has a thick and soft fur, a striped brown beans, and a line extending from the neck to tail. Another characteristic is to have a red tail, weighing approximately 1.5 kg, and smaller ears than rabbits in general.

Rabbits are not looking for food like other animals that get around certain areas. They chose to just being in the area around liangnya and eat whatever plants there. Concerning reproduction, yet there is clearly sufficient data for the study of this rare type of rabbit.