The Tsunami Hit Japan - The Atmosphere of Emotion Family Gatherings

Having had lost contact, Mizuho who survived the earthquake and tsunami disaster with his dad finally met with her ​​aunt, on Monday (14/3). He could not stop crying when she saw her aunt was still alive in Minamisanriku, Frefektur Miyagi, Japan.

Cry of emotion are also color the meetings of mothers and children in a refugee camp in Kamaishi, Iwate Frefektur. In this place all the people sharing their stories of pain and joy after a disaster occurs. A husband who was carrying her baby to preach to his pregnant wife by telephone that their parents just fine.

However, stories of pain accompanies a grandfather who has not found his wife. Riding a bicycle, the old man around Kamaishi take photos of his wife expect anyone to know about its existence.

In Minami Sanriku, 10 thousand people still have not found or no news. This amount is two-thirds of the population of the city, a distance of five kilometers from the shoreline it. The Japanese government has deployed 100 thousand troops to lead the search for victims.

NHK TV report said, there are about 430 thousand people are now living in shelters. While tens of thousands of others still have not taken care of. Anxiety is also still feels because aftershocks are still common and many of them above 6 on the Richter scale.