Youtube The Tsunami Hit Japan - Horrible!!! After Earthquake, Tsunami, and Eruption of Shinmoedake Mount, The Next is Radiation From Nuclear Reactors Fukushima

japan tsunami 2011

Tokyo - The Japanese government has said that radiation levels around nuclear power plants in Fukushima I've entered the level of impact on human health. This is following the explosion of reactor 2 at the Fukushima plant complex I, on Tuesday (15/3), after previous reactors 1 and 3 - of a total of six reactors - has exploded on Saturday (12/3) and Monday (14/3).

"Radiation from 400 milisievert per hour has been detected in the vicinity of the reactor building number 3 at 10:22 (local time),'' said Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yukio Edano, as quoted by NHK, on Tuesday (15/3). This figure, which called him, is high enough to affect human health.

Edano also said that the possibility of a large ship from the factory two nuclear power reactors has been damaged. Three reactor that exploded, I was him, of dangerous radioactive material.

Figures 400 or 400 thousand milisievert mikrosievert is three times higher than acceptable levels of radiation humans. Exposure to radiation from the level that can trigger the loss of white blood cells.
japan tsunami 2011