Japan Tsunami 2011 - Japan Will Import Bottled Water

According to an official statement issued Thursday (24 / 3), the Japanese government plans to import bottled water from various countries abroad for the water needs for families with babies after reports of water contamination due to nuclear power plant disaster.

It had been expressed to alleviate public concern following a report the discovery of contaminated water content of radioactive isotopes of iodine exceeds the normal range for infants. Contamination was found in testing water samples in Tokyo and two other neighboring prefecture region with the Chiba and Saitama. Yukio Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary explained that the imported water is one of the main options are discussed in the meeting.

He added that the recommendation that babies under one year of age did not consume the tap water was referring to the Japanese health policy guidelines, which tend to be conservative and protective.

Edano Admittedly, this adds to the anxiety and tension among residents about safety in the public sector by means of leaking reactor and the nuclear crisis as a result of the Japanese earthquake.