Libya Latest News March 27, 2011 - British Missiles Destroy Five Libya Armored Vehicles

London - British war planes had destroyed five armored vehicles in an air strike against Libya Muamar Gaddafi's troops in the city of Ajdabiya and Misrata, where rebels fight the regime of Gaddafi. Libya's defense ministry reported on Saturday (26 / 3).

British Tornado jets fired a missile on Friday, the army in Ajdabiya pro-Gaddafi, who recaptured the rebel forces, Saturday. Britain was also pounding the Misrata, who became a fierce battle.

Maj. Gen. John Lorimer, a spokesman for Chief of Defence Staff, said the Tornado GR4 aircraft to take part in "a coordinated attack with missiles against military units Colonel Gaddafi's Libya. "

"Tornado aircraft that has launched a number of guided Brimstone missiles, destroying three armored vehicles in Misrata and four armored vehicles left in Ajdabiya," said Lorimer.

He described the Brimstone missile as high-precision weapons, low damage guarantee, which is expected to move Goal and demanding.

US-led coalition, Britain and France embarked on an air strike last week to implement UN resolutions that allow all the ways to make fly zones and protect civilians from Gaddafi's troops.