Youtube - Video Record of Super Moon in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mutoha Arkanuddin from Jogja Astro Club (JAC) to observe and record the phenomenon from the headquarters in Gejayan JAC, Yogyakarta, with a telescope.

The results shown in the accounts up recording it. He said, "Actually this is unusual natural phenomenon. When viewed with the naked eye will not make any difference. It's a bit like distinguishing pants size 34 and 36, if not close to see it also not be visible."

Actually he is planning to hold a "watching together" with members of the JAC and the community. Unfortunately, as happened in Jakarta, Yogyakarta was hit by heavy rain and lightning. Finally, the plan was canceled, and finally he made the observation alone.

"Finally my own observations at 2. Had I record too," he said. When using a telescope, then measure the difference visible. According to the publication of NASA, the size of the Moon at perigee (the nearest point from Earth) is only 14% larger than when apogee (the farthest point from Earth).

Mutoha said, the images and footage that was taken last night could be evidence of the size of the Moon at perigee authentic. "Later we will also take at apogee. With photometry later we can compare its size," said Mutoha when contacted via phone today (20 / 3).

Although last night was full moon and perigee, did not mean the surface of the Moon seem more clear. "On the full moon is at least good for observation. crater the Moon actually difficult to see," he said. So, with the telescope though, which can be enjoyed only a larger size.

Although an ordinary phenomenon, Mutoha said that Supermoon can make astronomy more and more demand. For those who do not have time to watch, here is the result of recording Mutoha. Because the weather was not good, then the occasional cloud covered moon looks thin.