Great !!!Invention - Scientists Discover Largest Dinosaur in Angola

DailyMail - Scientists in Angola found one of the largest dinosaur that ever existed on Earth. Dinosaurs are even made ​​T-Rex look small.

Dinosaur named Adamastor Angolatitan this is a new dinosaur. The team consisting of scientists from various countries have found the bones of the body front with unique characteristics.

Scientists recently discovered a giant fossilized Angola. But they believe that dinosaurs are long-necked dinosaurs and plant eaters.

Dr. Octavio Mateus of Unversidade Nova de Lisboa Portugal found Angolaitan Adamastor in 2005. Appointment and research since then begins. Dinosaur fossils found in locations in 90 million years ago an ocean. Nearby, fish fossils and shark teeth. "Maybe this dinosaur was dragged into the sea and torn apart by ancient sharks,"the scientists estimated.

This finding isis the result of the first paleontological expeditions since the 1960s . Angola is one of the country with a prolonged war. War broke out in the 1960s, followed by civil wars after gaining independence from Portugal in 1975. The war ended in 2002 after security forces managed to crush the rebel leader Jonas Savimbi.

"We are not afraid of mines, we are not afraid to state the problem in the past, "said Dr Mateus.