The Coldest Star, Temperatures are Like A Cup of Coffee

National Geographic - A star is 75 light years from Earth may be the coldest star ever found. Temperature no hotter than a cup of coffee that you just brewed.

Stars with 1458 CFBDSIR code 10b has a temperature ranging from 97 degree Celsius on the surface. Previously, the star has the coldest temperature ever encountered 150 degrees Celsius.

Stars who are called "brown dwarfs" included a failed star. Stars like it got hot and chemical properties such as star, but do not have enough mass to ignite nuclear fusion in their core.

In addition to the cold surface finds, Michael Liu, an astronomer at the University of Hawaii, also said that the dwarf star with a size 6 to 15 times the mass of Jupiter's got the atmosphere with clouds of water.

Liu stated that the most exciting of these findings is the beginning of the discovery of a new class of objects that blur the line between planets and stars. "I think this is a surprise to the astronomical community," Liu told National Geographic.

Brown dwarf stars do not seem to be the title of coldest planet for long. Scientists with the Spitzer Space Telescope was sure there was another dwarf star that is cooler with temperatures 30 degrees Celsius.