Gaddafi Still Heroes of Libya

Heroes of Libya
Tripoli - International Circle strives ouster of Libyan leader. However, it is difficult to be realized given the people still are many who adore Muammar Gaddafi as a national hero.

From the outside, the capital of Tripoli is the most affected town charm Gaddafi. The pictures seen hanging everywhere. In the light poles, shopping centers, even in the walls of the building. The fruits of his thinking too much quoted and placed in schools, government buildings and public toilets.

Gaddafi supporters still exist. They wore green cloth and holding pictures of Libyan leader during the last 41 years. Their presence attracted attention, because the sound noisy and constantly singing praise to Gaddafi. They traveled to all corners of Tripoli, gathered in the Green Square and chanted slogans.

"God, Muammar and Libya. That's enough, "he yells kept shouted. How in support of the population that is motivated by fear, not known clearly. However, with a foreign military attack, it is impossible for Gaddafi to continue to rely on the strength of loyalty that is now shrinking it.

"We do not want another, just Gaddafi. He gave freedom and everything we needed, "said Fatima Al Mishai (20) who joined with other societies when Gaddafi gave a speech at the Bab al Aziziyah a few days ago. Fatima, like the other people who gathered in that place, offering themselves as human shields for bombs or rudak directed to Gaddafi.

Majdi Daba, 42-year-old dentist also said the same thing. According to him, Gaddafi gave full independence to the people of Libya. "He makes me feel like a human being completely free. No one was poor and no one was starving, "he said.

It is not surprising that there is a group of people like them. Especially considering that the state government has always tried to maintain revenues at above average. Not to mention the social benefits, including health care and education.

However, opposition to Gaddafi, who currently are more numerous, had dared to criticize. Moreover, if far from the loyalists.

"About 75% of the people against Libya at this time. But admittedly, there are some people who truly loved her. They do not recognize (the leader) the other and feel the blood flowing in veins Gaddafi, "said an anti-Gaddafi demonstrators who refused to give his name.

How can a man who always lived in tents and nicknamed 'mad dog of the Middle East' by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan's loyal supporter of this hook, it's still a big mystery. Some states, went to Libya in the country like Alice's adventure like in the movie Alice in Wonderland. Like being in another world, a world of eccentric.

Instead of finding the rebels who tried to destabilize the regime, presented a view of the world instead of fighting the real revolutionists topple the government. Because, Libya is still in government after Gaddafi's revolution to get rid of King Idris I in 1969 ago. Ironically, Gaddafi can not be overthrown because he had no official position.

"He brotherhood leader, guide, mentor, patriarchy and the uncle who gives advice. He did not lead the people. Gaddafi is the country itself, with the support of the police and the Revolutionary Council that make up the laws of this country, "said analyst Libya at Dartmouth College, Dirk Vandewalle.

What do Gaddafi is to give people all their needs. He built all the necessary infrastructure such as schools, roads, hospitals and others. State nearly doubled the size of Egypt, the population only a tenth less and per capita income more than doubled.