Surprising Fact - Japan Earthquake Create More Short Day - You Have To Know

An earthquake with magnitude 8.9 force that shook the northeastern region of Japan, last Friday, not only devastated the country Sakura, but also shorten the days on earth.

Geophysicist Richard Gross of NASA explained that the powerful earthquake in Japan has shifted the center of the earth and shorten the time on earth to 1.8 microseconds. This figure is obtained based on new data about how the earthquake had caused the redistribution of mass of the earth. Similarly, as reported by Yahoo News, Monday (March 14, 2011).

"By changing the mass distribution of the earth, the Japanese earthquake could be the result of the earth spins faster and shorten the days on the earth for 1.8 microseconds," said Gross told via email.

Old one day on earth is 24 hours, or 86,400 seconds. Each year, the duration varies approximately one millisecond or 1,000 microseconds, depending on variations in the Earth's mass distribution.

Based on preliminary data U.S. Geological Survey, the quake on Friday afternoon have moved the main Japanese island of approximately eight feet (243.84 centimeters). The quake was also shifted the axis of the earth approximately 6.5 inches (17 centimeters).

This is not the first time a major earthquake change the length of day. An earthquake measuring 8.8 magnitude in Chile last year also accelerate the planet's rotation and cut 1.26 seconds duration day on earth. Meanwhile, an earthquake measuring 9.1 Richter in Aceh and Sumatra in 2004 to shorten the duration of days to 6.8 microseconds.

Gross warned, the impact of earthquakes in Japan it's either not fully ended. Because of smaller aftershocks also have the potential to change the duration of the day.

"In theory, anything that changes the mass distribution of the earth will change the rotation of the earth. So, in principle, aftershocks are smaller also have an impact on the earth's rotation. But, because the power of this earthquake is smaller, the effects are also smaller," close Gross.