Update News - The Tsunami Hit Japan (March 11, 2011) Killing More Than 10 Thousand Persons

The number of casualties caused by the earthquake of Japan has exceeded 10 thousand people, mainly in Miyagi prefecture closest to the epicenter of the earthquake last Friday.

That number, based on results of the local police information, only from Miyagi only. Other places are also expected to record the thousands of casualties. "We found about two thousand bodies on the coast," said Police Chief Miyagi Naoto Takeuchi.

Prime Minister (PM), Naoto Kan said the crisis due to this earthquake is the worst for Japan since World War II. Rescuers are still trying to find buried victims, and collecting the bodies.

While 1.4 million people have no access to drinking water and decent food. Earthquake measuring 8.9 Richter at the weekend that, otherwise measuring 9.0 magnitude by the Japan Meteorological Agency. As of today, Monday (14 / 3), there were 150 aftershocks strong enough.

NHK local media said as many as 310 thousand people were in refugee camps while some are still not electrified. Some of the region was deeply worried, because the food supply is completely exhausted.

In Sendai, the city closest to the point of the epicenter, about 50 of those seeking refuge in the hospital as the only place that still has a light. The hospital is still able to operate the emergency generator. The hospital is still providing food, but did not have transportation.