Nasa Developing Pantations - Gardening in Space

NASA and Orbital Technologies Corporation (OTC) is developing plantations in outer space.

According to NASA, they have developed the gardening tools that have been sent to the international space station. Booth for gardening that made ​​as many as four pieces. Each chamber of the middle deck of the spacecraft. Each chamber will be controlled humidity, temperature, water, lighting, and composition of its atmosphere.

Astronaut Peggy Whitson said surprised by the existing garden salad. "Although not much, but great fun to see something green," he said. Peggu also said that her friends in the team as well feel the same pleasure. "They were even photographed themselves with the plants," said Peggy.

Who created this garden is still in experimental stages. The result has not been tested for consumption. But NASA said there is the possibility of progress toward consumption. According to an astronaut, Leland Melvin, in a state of weightlessness, each astronaut has his own food locker. Some foods have become a favorite among astronauts, such as peanut butter, because it is very easy to eat with one hand. Maybe one day, micro green plants will be food in space.