Laser will Reveal Secrets of Stonehenge

Secrets stored in an ancient stone monument of Stonehenge would soon be revealed. The researchers used a laser technique to uncover the mystery of the deposit.

Until now, no one could ensure the function or purpose of Stonehenge development in the past. Megalithic monuments in the form of stones are very large are arranged vertically with a height of 10 feet and weighing many tons were estimated to archaeologists as a marker of the cemetery or an astronomical observatory. Some other researchers suspect sites that five thousand years old and was built in the right position to observe the sky. There's even a mention of Stonehenge as a tourist destination that serves as a center of ancient healing.

Now, the researchers used laser technology to obtain more definitive answers. "We use lasers to scan the nearly three dozen rock megaliths in Sarlisbury Plain, southern England in order to obtain more detailed information about Stonehenge and the surrounding area," said Paul Bryan, a spokesman for Department of Buildings and Historical Monuments of England.

To investigate every inch of every rock Stonehenge researchers are currently conducting a 3D laser scanning combined with digital imaging technology. With this new technique they hope will be able to uncover the meaning of images and modern graffiti engraved on some of the giant stones that are often referred to as "art rock". The end result of scanning and imaging will be the most accurate model of the ancient site.

Dave Batchelor, archaeologist from Home Heritage said that the surface of the stones of Stonehenge store instructions past that very interesting. "Rock it like a manuscript that stores information about the thought, effort, and the various peculiarities that mark human life for thousands of years ago," he said. Therefore, Batchelor very enthusiastic awaits the findings of which will be obtained.

Stonehenge research process is currently underway and expected to be completed by the end of this month.