Beautiful and Sexy Hacker In The World (Xiao Tian)

I beg your pardon? Is in the field of your mind whilst inquiry the word hacker? Make somewhere your home dressed like nerds with thick glasses? Get a hold clear of the  at the outset image. At the same time as it turns given away, this woman hacker might stay able to substitute your point of view.
Xiao Tian
This oriental-faced hackers elegant and fashionable. Female outward show is inversely proportional to its capability to  break into security systems. Xiao Tian is acutely interested in the sphere of the method humankind.
He leading became accepted as soon as he was 19 years old. Single victim is not a bit other than the proprietor of the company in the sphere of the  world's prevalent search engine, Google. By the side of with the aim of generation, Xiao Tian and his team attack the infrastructure of Google  serving dishes.
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