Friday The 13th - 2012

friday the 13th Perhaps not many are aware, there are three times on the 13th which falls on Friday this year. Are even rarer, the distance between the three times it's Friday the 13th - January 13th, 13 April, and July 13 - is 13 weeks. Last rare occurrence like this has happened a long time, namely in 1984.

For those who believe in the sanctity superstitious number 13 and Friday the 13th, this light-year and 28 last year was a special year. Although not entirely clear, what has happened this month on Friday, July 13. Has there been any adverse events that happened to you a week ago?

Whether since when the number 13 and December 13 which falls on a Friday is considered synonymous with bad luck. "There have been no data, and there never will be, who can prove that 13 is an unlucky number," said Igor Radun, a researcher at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, last week, told LiveScience. "There is no reason to believe a number that symbolizes good luck or bad luck."

In fact, there are some events that happened in the history associated with the number 13. Jesus was betrayed by the 13 people who attended the Last Supper.

Incidentally also, Jesus was crucified the day after the feast which falls on Friday. Another historical fact, on August 13, 1307, French King Philip IV ordered its troops ambushed thousands of members of the Knights Templar who had valiantly fought in the Crusades. Hundreds of members of the Knights Templar were tortured to death.

Maybe because they believe in bad luck number 13, Napoleon and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, never want to travel on 13 and had never held a banquet with the number of guests 13 people.

Superstition unlucky number 13 and Friday the 13th is sacred to survive to this day. There are so many tall buildings skip the 13th floor is the floor in the list.

Although this seems trivial affairs of superstition, but do not underestimate the consequences. According to calculations & Stress Management Center Phobia Institute, each year the money evaporates U.S. $ 900 million due to the affairs of this superstition. Money was lost due to many people avoid travel or business trip on the 13th.

His name is also superstitious, once believed to be bad luck, says Richard Wiseman, a psychologist from Hertfordshire in England, then it could be a 'belief'. "Bad luck can happen to people who believe in superstition," he said, as quoted by NationalGeographic.

Nevertheless, Wiseman admits that people who believe ghost in this world more and more. "They believe that good luck or bad luck that comes from a magical power. This will destroy their lives, "he said.


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