Yuna Zarai

Yuna Zarai Yuna Zarai, singer and songwriter from Malaysia are now beginning to well-respected in international music circles.

Summarized from the official site, Yuna's career soared as the explosion of the single "Deeper Conversation" which was released in Malaysia. Not only that, through the single "Deeper Conversation", Yuna also won the AIM 2009, a musical gift of Malaysia. In that year, Yuna won the Best Pop Song and Song of the Year for the song, "And the truth".

After releasing the album "decorate" in Malaysia, Yuna career surge that actually arrived. Fader, an American label interested to attract talent. Fader EP released in 2011 "decorate" Yuna for the American market. EP is then successfully bring new fans as well as positive criticism from prominent media such as Billboard, KEXP, and The New York Post.

Still in 2011, the famous music magazine, SPIN Yuna put into the list of "Eight Bands You Need to Hear Now" version of them. In the same year, Yuna became a finalist of "Best New Band in the World" version of MTV Iggy's.

Month of April 2012, Yuna music label released the album through the fader to the international market. The album was produced by one of the leading producers in international music, Pharrel Williams (rapper, NERD and The Neptunes personnel, also producer of Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Usher and some other great musicians). With cold hands Pharrel Williams, Yuna album - titled the same as the name suggests - again received positive reviews.

Album Yuna is then brought to play in the prestigious music events such as National Geographic TV, VH1, MTV Style, and Late Night with Conan. Later, Yuna busy with touring America and Europe. His name is also listed in the Lollapalooza 2012 performers list, one of the world's largest music festival. Yuna alongside big names such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Black Sabbath, Bloc Party, Sigur Ros and a myriad of other great musicians of the world.

A feat that is very attractive to a young Asian girl like Yuna. Interestingly, Pharrel Williams on a video stating reasons for interest in dealing with Yuna, but because of the quality of musical cool, is fascinated with the hijab of Yuna.


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