Arielle Zuckerberg - between Facebook and Google

Arielle Zuckerberg and Mark Zuckerberg As two of the world's most popular site owners, Facebook and Google are competing very tight. But what if the younger brother of the boss of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, would work for Google? Excerpted from Businessinsider, Wednesday (1/8), sister of Mark Zuckerberg named Arielle is now listed as a Google employee. Not because Arielle applying for a job there, but since Google acquired Wildfire Interactive, a company engaged in Social Advertising, Arielle is also a great place to work. As part of the acquisition, the woman who served as Junior Product Manager at Wildfire is now one part of Google. Glimpse of Arielle, he was known as someone who did not want to take advantage of the success of his brother. Although it had been offered by Mark to work on Facebook, Arielle prefer their own way. Interesting to see what kind of professionalism Arielle when rival firms must develop her own brother. But her decision to pursue a career independently, Mark seemed to be ready to make his brother as opposed to business.