Lingerie 500 Years

Lingerie 500 Years Lingerie or underwear specially the womenfolk were not only worn by modern women only. The proof, 500-year-old lingerie found in Austria. As proclaimed Dailymail, Tuesday (17/7), bra and panties that are thought to originate from the 15th century was found hidden in the castle Lekgberg in East Tyrol, Austria.

After investigation, lacy lingerie is made ​​of linen. Even more surprising, bra and panties that turned out to have been there hundreds of years before its existence is recognized women's underwear. In fact, bra and panties in the 15th century was similar to today's lingerie.

By Hilary Davidson, curator of the Museum of London fashion art, said the finding is very surprising for the world of fashion. The reason, of medieval women not using bra and panties.

In addition to her bra and panties, some three thousand fragments of clothing were also found at the site. Apparently, the clothes were deliberately buried to improve the castle in 1480 years ago.