Original Gospel of Barnabas

Gospel of Barnabas Not long ago, the Turkish government announced the discovery of the Original Gospel of Barnabas, one of the first disciples of Jesus (Jesus Christ). This, of course, surprised many, including the Vatican's own camp. As reported by the DailyMail, Basijpress and NationalTurk, that the original Gospel of Barnabas was discovered in 2000 and then in Turkey, but is covered by the Turkish government for over 12 years, and only now in lay out to the public. Sheets of vellum written in Syriac letters to the Aramaic dialect, the same language as the common language used at the time of Jesus Christ. The Turkish government believes that the book of the animal skin is the original Gospel of Barnabas.

The book is still being debated are mentioned are kept in the Justice Palace, Ankara, Turkey by armed police escort and maximum security. Press through the Basij Iranian side stated that what is written in the Gospel of Barnabas is genuine evidence of the truth of Islam, which even so taken by the cynics of the various parties.

Even the Christian congregations through various states that the Gospel of Barnabas is doubtful authenticity. But even so the more discerning with the Vatican said it had filed a formal request to the Turkish government to read and analyze the authenticity of the controversial book.