Mangosteen and Sapodilla - Diabetes Drugs

Mangosteen and Sapodilla Three students Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia, successfully develop and brown mangosteen peel extract to lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes mellitus body. The three students from the Chemical Engineering course D3 is Isabel Triesty, Novia Aprisal Setyo and Nurul.

Through research on the efficacy of mangosteen peel extract and brown it, they won the third in hopes of Innovative Student Writing Competition (LKTIM). The race is held by the Department of Education of Central Java.

Isabel Triesty said the combination mangosteen peel extract and brown can lower the body's blood sugar levels because it contains high antioxidant. Antioxidants can be used to repair damaged insulin in the body.

Isabel's hope their work could be a herbal remedy that can reach the wider community, especially among the poor. Because, according to him, diabetes mellitus is also attacking the poor.

In the presence of mangosteen extract and brown skin, herbal medicine for people with diabetes mellitus can be made with low cost but has properties that are not inferior to the drug from a pharmacy.

People usually eat only the fruit of the mangosteen fruit only. Meanwhile, skin removed. '' In fact, it was commonly discarded mangosteen skin that has a high efficacy,'' said Isabel.